Discovery and Due Diligence

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CircleUp lists companies for you to review across a spectrum of consumer product and retail categories. Browse or search our portfolio to find opportunities that interest you. Learn more about our company selection process

Communicate directly with the CEO

We give you access to the company management teams through conference calls and online forums.

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One of the great things about consumer and retail investing is that you’re evaluating tangible businesses. We will ship you free samples.

Investor presentation including financials

You are provided with an investor presentation that includes financials and third-party data. Want more detail? Just ask and we’ll get it for you.

What types of companies are on CircleUp?

CircleUp primarily features U.S. consumer products companies. All companies have a tangible product or retail outlet that you can touch, taste, use, or visit.

On CircleUp, we focus on innovative consumer products and retail brands. Specifically, we look to work with companies in the food, beverage, personal care, pet products, sporting goods, apparel, household products, retail, and restaurant industries.

How does a company get listed on the CircleUp site?

Entrepreneurs apply to join CircleUp and their companies are then evaluated by a team of private equity professionals. Company applicants should be aware that CircleUp typically lists innovative consumer and retail companies. We review a company's materials and consider whether the company is a good fit for the investors on the platform. We conduct background checks on both the company and entrepreneur and perform other industry specific research. Once reviews are complete, the company may be listed on the site.

Evaluating Deals

CircleUp focuses on consumer product and retail companies. We encourage you to ask questions and dig in yourself. The materials each entrepreneur provides should be a starting point and additional research is always recommended. Here are some additional questions to consider (and ask!):

Team: Does the entrepreneur have the skills or experiences to lead this business? What do I know about the leadership?

Product: What makes this consumer product or retail store special? Is this unique differentiation likely to continue? How does that product or store compare to competitors? What do consumer reviews say about the brand?

Market: Who are the customers? Are they happy? Are there likely to be more of them as this business grows? Who are the competitors? Why is this business different or better than others? What is this company's "reason for being"?

Exit: What are the plans for the business down the road? Does the entrepreneur have plans to grow indefinitely? Could this business be sold to a larger company?

To contact the company to ask these questions and more, use the company's Investor Forum found on each company page. Click here to begin!

CircleUp is not making a recommendation regarding any particular issuer or opportunity. You should conduct your own independent assessment. We encourage you to consult with your own business, tax and legal advisors.